In Honor of America’s First 2012 Caucus, I Thought a Little Political Poise Was In Order!!

Life has been pretty crazy trying to get all the news out to you as fast as we were finding things that I haven’t had a chance to just write about it all. You can imagine how excited and blessed we felt that our word got all the way across the ocean and our message helped other countries make the right decisions to protect their children. As you are all witness to now, it has not been so easy in America with so much corruption working against us.

The only news you will hear in America about Porn Valley is good news, happy news, oh look how famous and rich we are propaganda news to recruit girls there and encourage boys to become pornographers and pimps. When it’s anti-porn news, the news waves become stagnantly silent. I mean, come on now, Bangledesh has just approved a measure to outlaw porn there. THAT ISN’T WORLDWIDE IMPORTANT NEWS?? We hear about Bollywood all the time. We have Indian stars on most of our favorite comedies these days. EVERYONE loves Outsourced    So, India has been our neighboring entertainment world for some time in America. SO WHY AREN’T WE TALKING ABOUT THEM NOW??

Politicians DO NOT want PORN right smack in the middle of their 2012 election but it seems they have found themselves right there through no fault but their own. Let’s face it, 2012 is a pivotal year any way you look at it. Now throw a porn scandal into the middle of our election and politicians must really be wondering if the world is coming to an end soon lol. America and Hollywood have been extremely effective in selling porn to the World as innocent entertainment. As you now all see by reading Porn In The Valley, American porn is everything that KILLS innocence.

We have our first caucus of the 2012 election season happening today. It’s the Iowa primary which usually decides the running candidates. President Obama is running again so it’s only about who’s running for republican candidate. I’m somewhat amazed to see there is no election news playing throughout every commercial break this time around which is extremely out of character for our distiguished leaders. I haven’t seen any of the smear campaigns on television that they’re talking about online. It’s been like that for a few days now. Hmmmm . . .  wonder why American media is so quiet about dirty politics these days??

We all know the media has done extensive coverage on Sasha Grey and her reading to elementary children. She was even on a major network womens talk show “View” promoting her porn career as a good choice she had made to help her get where she was today. I guess American girls and boys will think that too now that they’ve spent so much time with her. This is what they will promote to your children instead of the real news. That’s why I created Foxx Media Group (FMG) where News and Reality Meet for the first time in a long time!

Sasha Grey is also a promoter of anal sex as Sunny Leone was doing in Bollywood even after being warned to stop promoting porn at all. This is what Porn Valley is pushing to ALL your children and have been for about 2 years now. THEY WANT EVERY DAUGHTER IN THE WORLD to be BENT OVER AND RAPED ANALLY. This is a major goal for them. They laugh about it while on sets filming all these anal scenes. They have 1-3 men raping girls anally on almost every single porn set these days. Just take a look at the porn video sites and you can see the EVIL HELL they are pushing to YOUR CHILDREN!

You saw the typical footage VIDEO I posted a while ago. They were raping that girl anally and you saw they wouldn’t stop and let her leave. They have photos all over the place of young women’s anuses that are actually opened 1-3 inches so you can see all the way up their rectums. This is what Porn Valley has brought to our world. Showing photos and videos of young girls anuses gapped 1-3 inches after being anally raped by 1-3 guys in an average porn scene. Then they post it online and SELL it to the WORLD AS ENTERTAINMENT.  I don’t post those types of photos here because it would be too traumatic for many people to witness. I have had some pretty tough guys break and get sick over the things I’ve shown them about porn indepth. You can request links to HELL if you require actual evidence and feel you can stomach it. It is everywhere on porn sites THAT YOUR CHILDREN HAVE BEEN WATCHING!!


“Porn legend Sasha Grey — winner of the 2010 AVN award for best anal sex scene. TMZ had no problem promoting her anal award on NATIONAL TV like that’s newsworthy — was invited to read books to 1st graders at an L.A.-area elementary school last week … but the school tried to cover it all up … after parents pitched a fit.

TMZ has obtained photos of Sasha reading children’s books at Emerson Elementary School in Compton on November 2nd … participating in the Read Across America program.  Grey, who hasn’t done porn in 2 years, may have been invited because she’s mainstream now, with credits which include “Entourage.” And Entourage IS NOT MAINSTREAM! In your dreams Porn Valley, HAHAHA!!

A rep for the school district is flatly denying Sasha was ever inside one of its classrooms — telling TMZ, “We have several celebrities who read to our students each year. The actress you have indicated [Sasha] was not present.”

Clearly, the photos we obtained show otherwise.”

So, Porn Valley is already in the elementary schools. We just saw Will Ryer High and his PUBLIC ADVERTISEMENT TO UNDERAGE HIGH SCHOOL KIDS PROMOTING A CONTEST FOR THEM TO HAVE SEX WITH A PORNSTAR WHEN THEY TURN 18. But Jeff Mullen aka Will Ryder aka whatever your real name is, you aren’t allowed to advertise porn and sex to underage kids. This is very against the law in America (I don’t know, are you not American so you don’t understand our laws??)!! You can go to federal prison for a long, long time for selling porn and sex to minors even if they will be 18 when it happens. Gee, Will, too late to take that one back, dude. You posted that public KIDDIE PORN PROMO for the ENTIRE WORLD TO SEE Thank you. God Bless Us All!!

But wait, where is our GOVERNMENT AND MEDIA on handling and reporting THIS HORRENDOUS CRIME THAT WAS JUST COMMITTED AGAINST AMERICAN CHILDREN and posted in public Porn News?? They’re busy off playing politics in an election that nobody believes in anyway (REMINDER: 71% of Americans think our entire government is dysfunctional. We need an overhaul real bad). They don’t want bad porn press in the midst of this election so they think they can just ignore it and it will go away. Porn Valley sees this as a chance to make their moves because they know there’s a blackout on porn news in America. That and the fact that we all have mutual stalkers in this tangled web Porn Valley and America has woven is definitely not a good thing to have in the middle of a big election!!


If any of you democrats or republicans really wanted to win this election, you could try doing something worthwhile for a change like maybe, save the souls of the people you all work for!!

If you don’t, there may not be anyone left to play your games in 2016!!

HINT for Politicians: Go online and read India and Bangledesh’s news for the past 2 weeks. (Also check out London’s incredible investigative work keeping their borders safe from sex trafficking). Now that’s news worth watching and reading about. You might actually learn something about really running a country!!

PS. Read Canadian news to learn more about healthcare. You say it’s a bad system but then, why do all the Canadians go home so often in order to keep it?? I mean, they sure aren’t using our wonderful American healthcare system instead!!