If a Candidate ACTUALLY Carved Cancerous Porn Industry Out of America . . American’s Think Politicians are Dysfunctional? – Give Back Family Values, Become Hero Who Saved the World

EDITORIAL: I’m serious about this. I think the whole reason so many have given up on politics is because they think “What’s the point”, right? Well, I believe that’s the attitude that has gotten us to where we are now. Girls and women are being beaten and raped and then posted online for YOUR entertainment. We have massive, incredible numbers of pedophiles and child pornographers out there just waiting for the opportunity to get close to YOUR children. Our children are watching porn beginning at 9 years of age as the porn industry grooms them for pimps and perverts to take advantage of. This is the hard, cold facts, Folks!!

The time for Change is definitely here. Will a candidate give the MAJORITY what they really want and long for?? A world where our children are safe again. A place where women are respected and treated with dignity. A place where men are fathers and  leaders in our families and businesses again. Remember those days??

If a PRESIDENT TRULY wanted to save the World and put America back on top, HE OR SHE would give us our lives back by taking down the kingpins of porn. It’s time to stop these criminals from hurting anymore of our children and women!!

It’s time to take America back from the pedophiles and sexual predators!! You have a VOICE. Use it or Lose it ALL!!

Sheila Jackson Lee on Secret Service prostitution scandal: ‘The cancer must be carved out’

“For the Secret Service to move forward, the cancer must be carved out,” the Texas Democrat said on CBS’ Face the Nation this morning.

Jackson Lee called for the removal of any Secret Service agent or official tied to the sexual trafficking scandal in Cartagena, Colombia.

“I believe they all should go,” said Jackson Lee, a member of the House Homeland Security Committee.

Sen. Joe Lieberman, the Connecticut Independent who chairs the Senate Homeland Security Committee, called the agents’ behavior “reprehensible” and likened it to “college kids on a spring break.”

Sen. Tom Coburn, an Oklahoma Republican, warned against “an overreaction” to something he called “an aberration.”

“I’m not critical of what the administration has done thus far,” Coburn said.

None of the lawmakers interviewed on the Sunday morning shows called for the resignation of Secret Service director Mark Sullivan, saying they believed he acted promptly to get to the bottom of the scandal.

“I have faith in Director Sullivan,” said Jackson Lee.