Seems Where You Find DEMOCRATS, You Find PORNSTARS – Is This What You Want for Our Future?? Did Bill Pay Their Way?? Unbelievable!!

EDITORIAL: It would seem that the Democrats are staking a claim at being pro-porn. It breaks my heart to say that but it would be political suicide to make this move unless you thought you had an ace in the hole (no pun intended)! It’s also further evidence of how every time we look around, there’s pornstars and democrats. No wonder their Secret Service thinks it’s okay to buy human beings for sex!!

Bill Clinton Rubs Elbows With Brooklyn Lee, Tasha Reign

Bill Clinton Rubs Elbows With Brooklyn Lee, Tasha Reign

Posted May 23rd, 2012 07:23 PM

MONTE CARLO, Monaco—Former President Bill Clinton is known for being a fan of the female form, so it’s no surprise he cracked a wide grin tonight upon meeting adult stars Brooklyn Lee and Tasha Reign.

The two starlets are in Monte Carlo to attend the Monte Carlo Grand Prix, which begins tomorrow.

Tonight, however, the two were attending a gala event at a casino, according to TMZ, when they bumped into the 42nd President of the United States. Numerous celebrities, including Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson, were at the event as well.

Lee, the 2012 AVN Awards winner for Best New Starlet, posted a photo to her Twitter account of her and Reign with Clinton. Lee is particularly fetching in a blue dress—something Mr. Clinton might know a little bit about.


Lawmakers Skeptical Secret Service Scandal Was One-Time Deal

By Richard Wolf, USA TODAY

Updated 2h 18m ago
WASHINGTON – An initial Senate investigation of the Secret Service following last month’s prostitution scandal in Colombia has turned up no pattern of misconduct, but skeptical lawmakers said Wednesday they are convinced it wasn’t an isolated incident.
  • Secret Service Director Mark Sullivan testifies on Wednesday before the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee.By Charles Dharapak,, AP

Secret Service Director Mark Sullivan testifies on Wednesday before the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee.

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A separate internal Secret Service probe showed that the 12 men involved had no documents or details of President Obama‘s upcoming movements that could have breached security, Secret Service Director Mark Sullivan told a Senate committee. In addition, allegations of similar misconduct in El Salvador a year earlier proved unfounded, he said.

Still, a separate Senate committee investigation found 64 allegations of sexual misconduct by employees over five years — most involving e-mails or material sent online — and 30 more involving alcohol, Sen. Joseph Lieberman, I-Conn., said. Three cases involved inappropriate relationships with foreign nationals, and one was a complaint of non-consensual sex.

Now a third probe by the protective agency’s inspector general will include interviews with the dozen agents involved in last month’s alcohol-infused hijinks, said acting inspector general Charles Edwards. Two of them, in fact, were being interviewed Wednesday afternoon.

Sullivan told the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee he does not believe the incident in Cartagena on April 11 reflects a pattern of misconduct. Rather, he said, the agents involved just “did some really dumb things” and “made very bad decisions.”


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That isn’t how Lieberman, the panel chairman, and ranking Republican member Susan Collins assessed the situation, however. Both came away concerned that Sullivan, whom they support, has blinders on when it comes to the culture of his agency.

“He’s got to assume that what happened in Cartagena was not an isolated incident,” said Lieberman, who had Secret Service protection while running for vice president in 2000. He urged Sullivan to implement “rules and procedures to make sure to the best of your human ability that it never happens again.”

“He has a broader problem than just this one incident,” Collins said. She noted that the agents in Colombia acted separately, picking up prostitutes in four nightclubs.

The scandal broke on the eve of Obama’s trip to Colombia for the annual Summit of the Americas April 13-15. The agents involved, who were among about 200 agents on hand for the event, were ordered back to the U.S. before the president arrived. Three have since been cleared of the most serious misconduct.

In the wake of the scandal, investigators have looked back over time for indications that agents customarily drink and party when out of the country. In the few serious cases involving foreign nationals that have emerged, Sullivan said, prostitution was not involved, and “appropriate administrative action” was taken. The case of alleged non-consensual sex resulted in no criminal charges, he said.

Several senators questioned whether the Cartegena scandal shows that a culture exists in the Secret Service that allows such behavior. They said steps should be taken, including more frequent polygraph tests and stricter guidelines, to guard against more embarrassments — particularly during what Sullivan said is a “very challenging” election year facing the Secret Service.

“I do not think this is indicative of the overwhelming majority of our men and women,” Sullivan said. “I just do not think that this is something that is systemic.”