RESEARCH: Bullies Nearly Twice as Likely to Have Mental Health Disorder! They’re Also More Likely to be CRIMINALS as Adults, Just Check Out Porn Valley’s Cyberstalkers!!

A new study suggests that children who bully are twice as likely to have a mental health disorder. The following photos are a few of Porn Valley’s hired stalkers and bullies, who we know also have criminal backgrounds. It should be pretty obvious that those who bully are mentally ill so it’s no wonder that many grow up to be HARDCORE criminals as well. We need to address the cyber bullying and stalking that has taken over the World’s internet just as we should be addressing bullying and stalking in person more proactively. Unfortunately, our judicial system has been protecting these criminals for far too long and our CHILDREN are the ones who have paid the most dearly. Ask yourself this . . . who should have more rights in America, these criminals or law abiding citizens?? We ALL have a right to live in a decent, just and safe world!!

It’s also sad to have to report that there are actually media sources out there giving these hired Porn Valley stalkers and bullies a mainstream median to spew their hatred, racism, discrimination and to violate personal privacy laws, all in the name of campaigning for Proposition 35.  These are guys most recently being paid by Porn Valley to advocate against “Proposition 35” or the “Say YES to B” campaign in Los Angeles which if passed would begin to provide a safer workplace for those who end up working in our legal American porn industry! Not sure why it’s even up for discussion since our laws CLEARLY state ALL Americans have a right to a safe workplace!!

First, here’s Sean Tompkins from San Antonio, TX. If you follow his work, you’ll see he’s not fit for human contact. He spews a continuous stream of racism and hatred for gays and women. He enjoys writing the most twisted and perverted defaming comments about those who stand up against porn, Porn Valley or a safe workplace. He’s never even worked in or around porn. He’s an obsessed Fanboi who they recruited as their stalker savant.  You can read more about why Sean has his shirt up when we broke his Id 😉

Here on Sean’s Twitter, he talks about spending MUCH time in jail. This guy should not be free and he shouldn’t have children with him. In between his twisted and sick perverse online rants, he tweets about his kids and even includes photos of them!!

Then we have Michael Whiteacre aka Ari Bass who we don’t even know if he’s an American citizen. He’s located in Arizona. You can learn more about his evil work from Monica Foster’s sites Porn News Today and Christian Pornstar. Ari is another obsessed Fanboi Porn Valley recruit whose criminal activities actually cause more harm for porn than good so Monica made him a super anti-porn activist on her parody comic site at Porn Worth Watching. Check it out!!

Next, we have my main stalker, Mike Stack, who admits to DUI and domestic violence charges showing he’s a violent and irresponsible criminal who is also linked to Democrats through the Weinergate sex scandal.

We recently learned about the internet’s most notorious bully aka stalker aka pervert, Michael Brutsch aka Violentacrez, who is best known for pimping the EXACT type of perversion that killed Amanda Todd, ALL OVER REDDIT. He set up the threads and then recruited others to prey on innocent children and women to fill them. As far as I’m concerned, I’d love to see the Death Penalty for these type of guys because their criminal activities ruin lives and kill innocent people. It’s TIME TO PROTECT THE CHILDREN!! These men are a menace to ALL of society. WHY are the DEMOCRATS protecting the CRIMINALS instead??

By (@BostonLara)

Oct. 22, 2012

Mental disorders plague many adults who were bullied as children, but a new study suggests that those who had mental health disorders during childhood are three times more likely to become bullies.

Researchers at Brown University analyzed survey responses from parents of nearly 64,000 children ages 6 to 17 who were identified as having a mental health disorder, and those who were identified as bullies.

An estimated 15 percent of U.S. children in 2007 were identified as bullies by a parent or guardian, according to the responses, which were part of the 2007 National Survey of Children’s Health.

Those who were considered the bullies were more than twice as likely to experience depression, anxiety and attention deficit disorder. They were also six times more likely to be diagnosed with oppositional defiant disorder, characterized by ongoing episodes of anger and hostility, especially toward authority figures, such as parents, teachers or other adults.

“This study gives us a better understanding of the risk profiles of bullies,” said Dr. Stefani Hines, director at the center for human development at Beaumont Children’s Hospital in Royal Oak, Mich.

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Hines was not involved in the study, which was presented Monday at the American Academy of Pediatrics annual meeting in New Orleans.

The findings do not surprise many experts, who say the symptoms of these disorders characterize many bullies.

According to Alan Hilfer, chief psychologist at Maimonedes Medical Center in Brooklyn, N.Y., the disorders, such as ADHD, “often lead to impulsive and at times aggressive behaviors” that are common among bullies.

Bullies often continue the cycle of social abuse that they have experienced themselves, he said.

“They can be depressed, fearful, and they often take out some of their anger and frustration on others down the pecking order,” said Hilfer.

Support is often given to the bullied peers who are seen as victims, the researchers said. Many bullies should also be viewed as victims and offered help to change their behavior, they said.

“This finding emphasizes the importance of providing psychological support to not only victims of bullying but bullies as well,” the researchers wrote.

The study did not look at the likelihood that bullies would have a mental health disorder, only that some children who have a disorder were more likely to be identified as bullies.

According to Hines, the findings call for children identified as bullies to be screened for mental health disorders.

Some experts agreed, adding that it is also important for parents, clinicians and teachers to identify the root of the children’s anger, and to help the children channel their aggression in a better way.

“Parents of bullies who are made aware of their child’s behavior should take the concerns seriously and seek help and treatment for their child, hopefully in the earlier stages so that alternative behaviors can be taught and reinforced before some of the more negative ones become entrenched,” said Hilfer.