HAPPY ANNIVERSARY PITV: I Began Blogging March 26, 2008 – Living a Lifetime in Just 6 Years


Posted on Foxxytales.com on March 26, 2014

I haven’t written in Foxxytales for quite some time. In wanting to live a quesi normal life in the real world, I found it best to keep my personal life just that, personal. While we know that our progress is still tracked, it lets us feel more normal even if our lives really aren’t. While that day in November of 2007 changed our lives forever, we have overcome whatever has been thrown our way and we couldn’t have done it without the love and support of our families, friends, fans and followers. That and the pure love of Jesus Christ whose arms around us keep us safe at all times 🙂

I still keep in touch with many of my original followers. I thank God regularly for all that he made possible over the past 6 years. That first day I started my blog and named it “Porn in the Valley“, no one could’ve guessed what would’ve transpired next. I started that blog that day to bring awareness to ‘The Toadman’, an unscrupulous and violent Porn Valley john who they posed as a fashion photographer and referred my daughter to for a shoot. I rediscovered my love of writing and I found my voice as an activist. My family is closer is than ever and my closest friendships have withstood the test of time. I may not be able to write here very often for now but I think it’s of the utmost importance that all of you know that we are blessed and in good spirits!

Each year around this time, I always look back and cannot fathom what all has happened. In a million years, I would never have guessed this would be my life at the age of 54. Yep, I just turned 54 last week. I’m within reach of becoming a member of the 55 and older group lol. Truthfully, I still feel like I’m 35 except that I don’t have the energy I had then. My health is good and my heart is sound. I’m pretty much the average middle aged American in our country. Except for those 6 years. They kinda set us apart lol.

As 2014 rang in, I felt a major shift in the patterns of my life and of those closest to me. This has been a good year already. We are settled, structured and all doing well. My mother, who just turned 83, had open heart surgery during the holidays and is recovering at a great pace. I get so much of my strength from that woman. I am most definitely my mother’s daughter 😉 Going through the whole ordeal brought us all even closer and also brought us all closer to God. When words fail, all you have to do is say “Jesus” and the rest will fall into place. Really!!

I realize that all my life, I’ve been a Jesus Freak lol. I never fit into religious groups, per se. I grew up in the legalese of northern Baptists and realize the judgment one goes through in these systems is difficult to overcome for many. There are so many who need their spirituality enriched and many churches are moving in the right direction to respond to those needs with love, hope and respect. One of the best things that has happened to me over these past 6 years has been tapping into the Christian music genres. I swear it’s like listening to the angels themselves at times. Their messages, so positive and uplifting, they have shown me much hope for our future. While our world may be in chaos, our future lies in those who will move forward in spite of it. It’s about hope, light and love. As a mom, that’s all I could possibly want for all those I love!

We are working and enjoying the fields we are in. I’m working in a field that helps the disadvantaged and disabled. It’s right up my alley so I’m thrilled. It’s also giving me an advanced awareness to what is happening in our systems that assist those who need help. My background in insurance is helping as is my legal experience. I could write a few blogs on the subjects I’m involved in at work everyday now. Homelessness, disability, legal process, employment/workplace problems, you name it, I’m seeing it firsthand. Not sure where God is leading me with this but very sure I’m walking in His path!

Last year, I was a guest on a local television show and our story was published in a very popular magazine. The article was not released in the US but is being told in other countries and for that, we are extremely grateful. We are so thankful for all the help and support we’ve gotten as the truths we’ve worked so hard to expose have finally made their way into many mainstream circles. Even though it’s not told in US media markets, many of the ‘right’ people know us well now.

Each time we get the opportunity to enlighten others and save young lives, we feel truly blessed. It has not been an easy road to go through what we did, get out and talk about it and then try to live normal lives at the same time but it’s been worth every single person who heard us, every single soul who’s listened and every single life we’ve saved. When I am asked now, how I could do what I did. I say, just look around you. This is what God needed us to do!

I’ve had to slow down my activism work for 2014 so I can meet other goals that I’ve set for my life. I’m concentrating on my studies this year. My goal is to complete my Computer Crime Investigations certification this year and take my Private Investigation licensing course. My current job also relates to this industry and will help lead me into my new career as I get closer to completion of my studies and graduation.

I have 2 courses left to complete my Computer Crime certification and am now able to sit for Microsoft certification if I decide to include that in my expertise. I’m 2/3 through my associates degree in Digital Forensics. I’m going to include studies in crime photography, which surprisingly isn’t part of my degree program. I’ve got experience in action/sports photography and I used to dabble in nature stills. Next on my wishlist with school money that will come in the fall is a new digital camera. I haven’t done much with cameras since film so I’ve got some catching up to do there as well 🙂butterflygarden

I bought a place this summer so I’m officially a homeowner again. It’s a fixer upper but nothing I haven’t done before. I’m a devote DIY fan and designing on a dime is my specialty thanks to being a single mom for so long. Home Depot is still my favorite store lol. My son is helping me put up a nice storage shed in the backyard and then we’ll have a workshop to tackle the floors which I’m replacing. Next will be changing a den/dining area into a 3rd bedroom because one never knows when a friend might need a place to get back on their feet 😉 And then we’ll tackle the kitchen and baths. Yeehaw, I’m having a blast hahaha!

I have a great sized yard that I’ve already been landscaping since I moved in last May. There is nothing better for the soul than a day spent working in the yard. My daughter recently helped me tear out a weedy flower bed and then we planted a butterfly garden. For my birthday, she got me 2 desert rose plants. Next on the agenda is some jasmine. There is nothing better than walking outside and smelling fresh jasmine on a warm summer night!

It’s taken 6 years but we are back on the paths we were meant to be on. It’s taken a lot of blood, sweat and tears to get there. It’s not an easy process to rebuild one’s life but we are two who have proven it can be done. I want all all of you out there to know, it’s always worth the time that you took back then and it’s still worth the time that you take today. Thank you for reaching out in our world of chaos. You prove to the World that we are never alone!!

We are truly proof of HIS Amazing Grace!!