PUT ON NOTICE: Anonymous Sends Powerful Message to Kanye West – Stop Pimping Our Culture – VIDEO

EDITORIAL: The author considers the message to be creepy. I see it as putting a pimp on notice. A pimp who exploits his wife. A pimp who is racist and consistently insults other artists who challenge his status quo. There is a strong message against the music industry’s pimping of our culture in this video.

I do believe it is also time the racism in the black entertainment culture is recognized and discussed. We recently heard about the universities shook to their foundations over the singing of a ‘racist’ song by white students and a white housemother. We later hear it’s a popular rap song. I sure don’t condone their singing of the song and making it a theme for their chapters but I ALSO sure don’t condone that rappers use MANY of these words, terms and sayings in their music that glorify and promote anti-societal behavior and actions. They need to clean it up.

We have called them out many times for their glorification of rape, sex trafficking, torture and beating of girls and women. They celebrate gang activity and organized crime. Their use of the ‘N’ word is racist and insulting to their own ethic group. If they don’t respect themselves enough to bury this word forever, then how does anyone ever expect to get past where we are today.

A nation of racial unrest built largely by our own media, government and entertainment. Gee, seems almost like they’re working together, doesn’t it?


Someone posting under the alias of the hacker group Anonymous has sent out a very well produced and creepy video message for Kanye West. We don’t know if it’s real or not but the seven minute video is narrated by a man wearing a Guy Fawkes mask, a symbol of the group. The mysterious man attacks West for a number of incidents, most notably his outburst at the Grammys, and says that he steals the spotlight from people who work just as hard as he does, and questions him for his lack of respect.

(GRAPHIC – Kim Kardashian ‘butt’ photos shown)

The video gets personal at times throughout and mentions West’s deceased mother and daughter North West. Watch it above, and we’ll update with more details when available.


 Kim’s new haircut and color job. Does she look happy to you???