COMING SOON: Foxx Media Group’s Summer Project – A PITV Webcast Series “Connecting the Pervs” Featuring ‘The Auditor’



Sex Trafficking Activism Project

A weekly series reporting on cultural trends of porn, media, entertainment & politics as they relate to sex trafficking and sex crimes happening right here in America and all around the world!


Sex trafficking is a serious issue today, and while awareness is growing, there is still much to be understood about how this crime is actually committed and who’s behind the epidemic increase of pimping girls in our country and around the world. At Foxx Media Group, we track the cultural trends of sex crimes in pornography, media, entertainment and politics and how they all relate to the increase of sex trafficking around the world and right here at home.

FMG’s summer project series, “Connecting the Pervs” brings a newscast to the public like no other out there today. The Auditor dissects dominating headlines and their underlying stories to expose corporate executives, celebrities, politicians and other public figures who are helping to promote sex trafficking and pornography throughout our societies. Many are associated with organized crime. It’s time for the public to take an honest, hard look at the truth of how these criminal networks are affecting our nation and our world.

In order to move into this newest phase of online activism, FMG needs to purchase the necessary equipment, software programs and subscriptions. Cameras for both video and stills, sound equipment and set build out are the main expenses to cover. To produce, edit and distribute this enlightening view of one of the biggest problems affecting our children and young adults, we need to purchase the proper recording and editing software. All persons involved in the production of this series donate their time so there are no staffing costs.

Please help make this vision possible. Together, we will change the world!

Our show will feature Editor, Diana Grandmason (she is The Auditor, after all) Topics will be derived from the weekly ‘Dominating Headlines’ highlighted on FMG’s family of websites. “Connecting the Pervs” weekly line-up will include top stories from:

Foxx Media Group – International news and top featured headlines.

Porn Pimping Politics – Who’s pimping who and what in Washington DC.

Not the Sopranos – Mob activity inside entertainment, media and the government.

American Satanism – Satanism and Atheism is in America. Know what it means.

Porn in the Valley – News related to the reality of pornography.

World Court of Public Opinion – Sex crimes, campus sexual assault, bullying, on trial.

I Audit All – FMG’s Auditor exposes the ‘Bad to the Bone’ in the underbelly of America.

Dear Desi Divine – Advice column, self-improvement and research results.

Snark Strike – The effect of entertainment and media on our cultures and trends.

Moms Against Media – Sex does NOT sell in advertising. MAM exposes those who pimp it anyway.

One Bossy Broad – Actions to make YOUR voices heard.

Do you know of any other news sources talking about these important issues? If not, support this project so you will. Informative Entertainment Coming Soon!

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