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Welcome to Where We Audit and Identify the “Bad to the Bone” in America, Those Politicians, Judges, Decision Makers, Leaders and CEOs Who are Destroying Our American Dream


At, we strive to create a comprehensive list of the Worst Offenders in America who are promoting BAD BEHAVIOR that hurts ALL CITIZENS of the United States and around the World. There’s no doubt that MANY people in influential positions TODAY are PIMPING AGENDAS that are against our basic Civil Rights and the very Humanity of Our People. These Decision Makers have been pushing an agenda to hypersexualize OUR CHILDREN so they can PIMP and RAPE THEM. We are done with the destruction of OUR CHILDREN’S INNOCENCE and OUR COUNTRY’S VERY FOUNDATION so we are doing something about it!

My name is Diana Grandmason. I’m currently 52 years old and my background includes 15 years as an Auditor for NASD OSJ Investment firms, banking and insurance companies. I’ve really spent my whole life auditing our systems and what I have found are many critical violations to our Human and Civil rights: corporate and employment laws are broken, Bullying and Stalking are used in politics and business to eliminate competition, Satanism is in music and entertainment to erode our values and ethics, aggressive pimping of Porn, Pornstars and TORTURE sexualize our children and many other gross injustices being used against THE PEOPLE for GREED, FAME AND POWER. Our LAWS are not being enforced to PROTECT US and WE THE PEOPLE are suffering because these Criminals have taken over leadership of systems everywhere in our country.

After exposing the Anti-American agendas of the Los Angeles Porn Industry (Learn more at and being IGNORED by President Obama’s entire adminstration and being SUPPRESSED by American Media, we have taken our work to the World by way of the internet to get the word out so YOU can SEE WHO’S PIMPING WHO and WHAT in America TODAY!!

Check out the Worst Offenders List so you know who you’re doing business with, what news propaganda you’re listening to, what media and entertainment are selling so they can pimp your children and what other agendas are REALLY being PIMPED to YOU, The People, to change your perception of what’s really going on around YOU. Don’t do business with their companies, turn off their networks, write and call with your complaints AND take an ACTIVE ROLE in cleaning up America. There’s a whole lot of Power Players in American business and politics TODAY that are “BAD TO THE BONE” and it’s time we STOP THEIR DESTRUCTION.

We want the American Dream back. DO YOU?? If so, support Companies, Politicians and Leaders with healthy agendas and help us SHUT THE WORST OFFENDERS DOWN. It’s time to DIVIDE and CONQUER!!

At, we AIM to use our skills to TAKE BACK AMERICA FOR THE PEOPLE and OUR CHILDREN! Will you HELP??

If you want to report an OFFENDER, send your TIPS to We’ll be happy to share your information with the World!!


Diana Grandmason