MAJOR MEDIA FAIL: Arianna Huffington and Oprah’s ‘Galaxies’ Collide and POOF . . . Huff Post Becomes PIMP MAMAs of PAIN, Promoting P.O.W. Style Torture of Teen Girls and Women in Porn Valley

EDITORIAL: These two FEMALE mega media moguls know exactly what’s been going on in Porn Valley. They know My Story and they know what you’ll read and see below. The World, through my followers, has witnessed the public notice I have given everyone in media and the government so they can’t say they didn’t know. It’s all evidence of what is happening in our country right now. They are flaunting their agenda to legalize the rape, torture, incest and child sex of your children!!

Why would Arianna Huffington pimp these sexual predators, rapists, torturers and sex traffickers?? It would appear that Arianna, and Oprah, who are BFFs in Biz now, have sold their SOULS to Satan and are working hard to deliver YOUR CHILDREN straight into Satan’s arms. He’s located in Porn Valley and it’s called ORGANIZED CRIME, SATANISM AND SEX TRAFFICKING!!

You’ll see below that Max Speigler, the porn agent who Arianna Huffington promotes and features on her media site recently is the SAME porn agent for Skin Diamond and many other teen girls and young women who he sends to to be broken down. It’s called grooming and trauma bonding, so they can be retrained as Porn Industry Sex Slaves to be pimped to the World. See for yourself how the LEGAL Los Angeles Adult Entertainment Industry is really a front for Illegal Prostitution, Sex Trafficking and Money Laundering!!

Tell these powerhouse women you don’t want your daughters PIMPED, TRAFFICKED AND TORTURED in PORN VALLEY. Email Arianna and her Legal Dept. and Oprah at to tell them you don’t want porn PIMPED to your children and you don’t want your DAUGHTERS to end up like these girls below!!

Galaxies collide as Oprah and Arianna join forces

Maria Puente, USA TODAY

The media moguls have merged, kind of, with Huffington Post adding a new section of Oprah content.

6:41PM EDT November 1. 2012 – Huffington Post continued its merciless march of media mastery by adding a big, booming voice to its multitude of voices — none other than Oprah Winfrey.

Talk about colliding galaxies: Oprah meets Arianna and the universe is altered.

The two most powerful women in American media today linked up on Huffington’s ever-expanding website when they launched HuffPost OWN, a new section that will feature — what else? — lifestyle advice and personal inspiration from the Oprah Winfrey Network and

As usual, Oprah was effusive, posting an introductory note under the headline “The Conversation.”

“Thank you, Arianna, for allowing us to extend ‘the conversation’ about empowerment and how we can grow and evolve ourselves to the truest expression of who we each are meant to be. This is my calling, my heart’s deepest desire: to fulfill my highest potential and to share what I know to help you do the same.”

Classic Winfrey, who’s become a billionaire helping other people “evolve.” On Twitter, however, she confined herself to “It’s launch day!”

In her own post on the site, Huffington said Winfrey is “made for the Internet,” given her qualities of engagement and authenticity.

“We’ll be working to enlarge and deepen the conversation on, as Oprah puts it, living our best lives,” Huffington enthused.

The first examples of content on the section will be familiar to Oprah fans: “8 Things NEVER To Be Embarrassed About,” “Mantras To Get You Through A Horrible Week,” “How To Find 7 More Hours In Your Day,” and multiple posts on a longstanding fan obsession — Oprah’s favorite things (to buy).

There’s even a post on how to clean “6 nearly impossible messes.” A red-dye remover, a clean towel and an iron will get red wine stains off a white couch? Really? Leave it to Oprah.

Porn Agents: The X-Rated Industry Has Agents Negotiating Deals Just Like Hollywood

2011-11-11-Screenshot20111111at3.30.52PM.png | Posted: 11/16/2012 2:13 pm EST

Mark Spiegler

This story, PROMOTED ON HUFF POST on 11/16/2012 before it even ran in The Hollywood Reporter which is appearing in the Nov. 23 issue of the magazine.

By Daniel Miller

On a late-summer afternoon in a dingy San Fernando Valley apartment, talent agent Mark Spiegler is having it out with a producer. Pacing the length of the living room that for the past nine years has doubled as his office, Spiegler, portly with thinning brown hair and a graying 5 o’clock shadow, sets out his demands: If his client, a top actress, is going to agree to a project, certain accommodations must be made. “You want her ready at 8, you should do the makeup,” Spiegler barks as he stomps past a bookcase filled with framed photos of himself with various women. “If you want her later, she’ll do her own makeup.”

Spiegler’s spat over the call time might seem familiar to agents at the CAAs and WMEs of Hollywood who often find themselves protecting their star clients from producer demands. But Spiegler has a particular reason for being concerned about the 8 a.m. shoot: It would require his client to get up around 4:30 a.m. to receive an enema. Because the scene calls for the woman to perform anal sex.

Yes, Spiegler, 54, represents porn stars — and he’s one of the biggest agents in Los Angeles’ $1 billion adult entertainment industry. As the Ari Emanuel or Kevin Huvane of hardcore, he handles such top performers as Skin Diamond, Chanel Preston and Asa Akira, the client for whom Spiegler is arguing.

Ultimately, the production company, New Sensations, will agree to delay the shoot for Akira, 27, who will do her own makeup and be paid about $2,000 for the scene. “That’s the whole reason for us being here,” says Spiegler, whose boutique firm, Spiegler Girls, represents a small group of elite women and is known as one of the adult industry’s top agencies. “We are the buffer — so the girl doesn’t look bad. We take the heat.”

Just like the Tom Ford-clad armies that handle the affairs of the Brad Pitts and Charlize Therons on the other side of the hill, the Valley-epicentered adult industry is led by a cadre of talent agencies that cut deals and jockey to represent the stars of tomorrow. The skill sets are, in many ways, the same — tenacious negotiating and maintaining strong industry relationships — but there are, of course, different responsibilities, such as advising on whether a client should get a boob job (well, maybe there is some crossover there) or agree to perform a double-penetration scene (if you have to ask, don’t).

But here, in the shadows of Hollywood, the world’s pornographers are at a crossroads, much like their mainstream entertainment colleagues. Facing declining revenue resulting from piracy, amateur digital competitors and a shrinking home entertainment market, the kings of porn (and yes, the industry is run mostly by men) face another threat to their business: the just-passed Los Angeles County measure requiring condom use in adult movies. Although the enforceability of Measure B is unclear, Steven Hirsch, founder and co-chairman of Vivid Entertainment Group, one of the biggest porn studios in the country, argues that the effects would be wide-ranging and dramatic. He’s part of a loose coalition of porn players that plans to mount a legal challenge to the measure and is asking the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors not to begin enforcing the law. “If the board chooses to implement it, we will absolutely explore options and move production out of the county,” he says.

At the same time, shrinking porn profits and a talent supply-and-demand imbalance have caused performers’ salaries to decline. Whatever the moral qualms Americans have (40 million to 50 million people in the U.S. regularly watch pornography on the Internet, according to studies) about the proliferation of movies with such titles as Orgasmic Oralists, Damn, She’s a Lesbian and Dong of the Dead, the tough U.S. economy has led to an explosion in the number of people hoping to find work in porn — some perhaps emboldened by the dream they too could become crossover stars like Sasha Grey (Entourage) and James Deen (the forthcoming Lindsay Lohan starrer The Canyons). While a decade ago the average female performer would make about $100,000 a year, Spiegler says she now might make as little as $50,000 — all while juggling responsibilities such as social-media outreach and personal appearances.

And where there were only two or three reputable adult agencies 10 years ago, now 14 agencies are licensed and bonded, though top shops L.A. Direct Models, 101 Modeling and Spiegler Girls dominate the upper echelon of performers. None would discuss how much money they make, but observers say that top agents can pull down $250,000 a year from their 10 to 15 percent takes. “It’s very competitive, and the well-known agencies do control most of the talent,” says Dan Miller, executive managing editor of industry trade magazine XBIZ. “It’s just like Hollywood in that regard.”

One might be inclined to think of porn agents as elevated pimps. Indeed, the many unlicensed, fringe representatives in the adult industry are dubbed “suitcase pimps” by their legitimate brethren because of their penchant for depositing a client and a suitcase filled with her personal effects at a shoot and returning once the work is finished to collect her and the money. They also take commissions of more than 20 percent, which is the maximum allowed by California’s Labor Commissioner.

But there is an actual skill and finesse to the real porn agents, even if negotiating deals is relatively straightforward. Unlike in Hollywood, most adult performers charge set rates, so the conversation often centers on the availability of an actor. Still, agents also help clients set up personal websites, arrange for transportation and even make sure performers are staying on top of their mandatory drug-testing regimens. As if to illustrate this point, during an interview, Spiegler interrupts the conversation to answer his phone and discuss the scheduling of a blood test at Cutting Edge Testing in Sherman Oaks, a facility popular with adult entertainers.

According to Spiegler, there is a relatively straightforward scale for performances: An in-demand actress is paid about $800 for a girl-girl scene, $1,000 for a guy-girl scene, $1,200 or more for anal sex and $4,000 or more for double penetration (guy-on-guy pornography has a separate pay scale; most agents in the mainstream straight porn world, including Spiegler, do not represent gay men). Spiegler takes 10 to 15 percent, receiving the larger percentage if he handles transportation for the client. In an effort to ferret out rogue agents and discourage actors from working with them, several agencies, led by L.A. Direct, banded together to form Licensed Adult Talent Agency Trade Association (LATATA) in 2009. All member agencies — there are seven, including Spiegler Girls — meet once a month, are licensed by the state and adhere to standard practices.

In addition to the usual day-to-day travails of running a business, a top porn agent has to contend with venereal disease (a syphilis scare shut down Los Angeles production for 10 days this summer), underage applicants (standard procedure is to check driver’s licenses or passports) and a pool of producers who — as one can imagine — might not include the most savory characters. Says Spiegler Girls client Kristina Rose, a 28-year-old San Diego native: “I went with Mark, I told him what I wanted to do, and he helped me make that shit happen. I’ve never not gotten paid for a shoot, I’ve never had a problem on set, and I’ve never had to walk off set.” Adds client Andy San Dimas, 26, whose recent work includes The Dark Knight XXX: A Porn Parody, “He treats us like we are his daughters, and he has a lot of respect for us, unlike other agents that try to scam you, pimp you out.”


SATANISM: Is Porn Valley Grooming Skin Diamond as Sacrificial Lamb or Making a Demon Queen?? Why’d They Shoot a Porn Scene in a Large Replica of an Akashic Mirror??

Porn in the Valley – An Akashic Mirror is a metaphysical device used to access the Akashic Records records – a compendium of knowledge encoded in a non-physical plane of existence.

This is the porn set that Skin Diamond and Tommy Gunn just shot a scene in today. Just a little while ago, in fact. It’s a large creation of an Akashic Mirror, I’m told. So, why would Porn Valley be doing a porn scene in the middle of an Akashic Mirror?? They shot this scene for Penthouse. Interesting that Penthouse is linking itself to porn torture and KINK when they just got all that publicity from the girls who posed with Clinton. Wouldn’t it have made more sense to shoot one of them?? If Skin Diamond’s grooming at KINK is any indication, you are ALL watching a FULL ON satanist cult event in this scene!!

Right: From Queen of the Damned. Akasha, the source of ALL the vampires energy!!

Is Porn Agent and Pimp, Mark Speigler, prepping Skin Diamond by taking her out for some massive PORK eating?? We have found that Porn Valley loves to post pork images and even makes pork lube. The pork is used in satanic rituals. Many religions consider eating pork to be ungodly so this should be no surprise that they use it to worship the devil.

Skin Diamond Beat by KINK Producer on Her Birthday – This was not FAKE BDSM. Next, Anal Shoot with Jules Jordan Done without Condoms. Check Out Her Tweets!!

UPDATE: Within 2 hours of posting this valid and factual information that was freely posted in public, I received a defaming and obscene comment on my twitter from an account noted to be connected to Porn Valley. They know the truth about why I was there. They hate me because I took my daughter back and now I keep yours from going there too 🙂 Please pray for the souls of the lost in Porn Valley!!

This information was made public with the Groupon Boycott which made national news but TO DATE, there has been NO ACTION to shut KINK down, restrict their activities to exclude these criminal acts or to prosecute the MEN responsible for these heinous crimes against Humanity!!

EDITORIAL: Skin Diamond ended up on my desk again when Jules Jordan tweeted that he was going to do Skin in the butt the next day. These guys are ever so diligent about making sure EVERY SINGLE GIRL gives up their ass as part of the deal to work in Porn Valley. Monica thought it fitting that Jules get some of the same treatment in her “toon” below. I told her he’d probably enjoy it too much since all the males in Porn Valley seem to really be closet gays lol!
When we were researching how she fared doing anal with Jules (YUCK!!), we came across her Twitter account and if you read through, you will see it doesn’t appear to have gone well. Looks like she may be making a change in her life. I sure hope it’s a positive one!

IMPORTANT: Look at her tweets where she talks about having sperm in her eyes. This is a clear violation of the condom regulations. We will be forwarding this information to the proper authorities for further investigation and possible legal action.

We then found her blog entry from February when she did a BDSM shoot for Kink. Imagine my surprise when I saw who was her master. And check out the photos of bruises Skin proudly displays on her blog site in the same way gang members show off their badges earned from getting initiated into the gang. SAME PROCESS!!

Skin’s “Master” who beat her and created all of these bruises calls himself “John Paul the Pope”. His website is at which is related to an old movie that is all about breaking down and grooming girls for slavery. This is what happens when you work at Does this look like fake or “simulated” BDSM to you?? This is how they break the girls down. They beat them into submission by sending them to Kink. It’s all part of the grooming process to keep the girls there and make them sex slaves of Porn Valley!!

I believe this is the same guy that beat my daughter. She was caned from shoulders to heels. He hung her on a rope and beat her with a cane. It took a week for the bruises to fade. This was her last shoot. This is illegal in the United States. Why aren’t these people in prison for what they are doing to break down and groom girls for prostitution and sex slavery??

This is Skin Diamond’s Twitter background which shows how damaged she is now!!

America, you call this Humanity?? Entertainment?
How can you joke about this?? How can you continue to ignore this??

Skin Diamond before Porn Valley broke her down and beat her into submission. If you want to see how they do what they do to keep these girls in Porn Valley, check out this experiment from 1971 showing how quickly college men broke in a fake prison situation. These methods are used everyday in Porn Valley. Now you can begin to understand why these girls DON’T LEAVE AND DON’T SPEAK OUT. Who will help free them from this violent slavery?? Will you help or will you continue to do nothing while they beat these girls??


editorial by Monica Foster

According to an article on pornstar Skin Diamond blames her father and religious Christian upbringing for her entrance into the Los Angeles porn industry.

Rodd Christensen from the BBC’sBalamory


Skin Diamond

The article reads:

The daughter of Balamory’s cheery painter Spencer has blamed her porn star career on her strict religious upbringing.

Raylin Christensen, from Dunfermline, has moved to LA where she uses the name Skin Diamond for her roles in XXX rated movies.

But the 24-year-old blames her dad Rodd, still recognised for his role in the BBC kids’ show, for her raunchy career choice.

On her blog, she said: “I’m from a religious background. My dad was in the ministry and he travelled a lot preaching.

My upbringing was pretty strict. Sex was always this big thing I wasn’t supposed to pay attention to. But what happens when you tell a child not to do something? It makes it more intriguing. I couldn’t wait.”

Raylin was born in Las Vegas but grew up in Fife after Rodd moved the family to Scotland for a missionary trip.

Balamory cast

He later found fame in Balamory, which ended in 2005, and now works as a bus driver. He said he would stand by Raylin when she began nude modelling at the age of 19, but he never imagined she would become a big name in the hardcore porn industry.

Raylin recently attacked Twitter after the site removed some of her explicit pictures. She ranted: “You’re just jealous because I’m living in a dream & loving every second.”

Well I most certainly hope that Skin Diamond’s dream does not turn into a nightmare considering the international exposure she has just been granted in regards to the identity of her famous father. What I hope Skin Diamond comes to realize, is that it is possible to maintain a solid Christian spiritual base and still be porn industry professional as I’ve explained on

A Christian Porn movement is underway, and hopefully Skin Diamond will get on board and realize that Jesus Christ and God are still there for her and ready to welcome her home.

***update: It has been brought to my attention that Skin Diamond may have falsified her ID and possibly her age OR nationality in her early adult work being that IAFD has her listed as “Ethiopian” and born in Scotland rather than Los Angeles, California – developing story…

Is it just me or is Skin Diamond’s face getting crooked?? She gets beat, tortured, raped and electrocuted regularly by Porn Valley. Are we starting to see the damage caused from this violent abuse??

Pornstars just love to Tweet. Here’s the tweet about this ritualistic shoot. Interesting that she’s shooting with Tommy who is trying to pimp porn underwear to your children!!

Another Victim of KINK – Juliette March After a “Training of O” Session at KINK – This is INHUMANE TREATMENT, Not Sex!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

(Click link ONLY if you can handle very graphic images. I have blurred the genitalia for this blog. If you go to the link, you will see that her genitalia has been mutilated!!)



Will Kristina Rose survive the Porn Valley beatings?

A Monica Foster thought…

Well I’m a bit worried about porn super star Kristina Rose…It appears that in order to remain competitive in the “porn sphere”, she feels she must subject herself to the Kink BEATINGS!

I’ve written for a while now that in my view is incredibly abusive psychologically and physically to performers and that their content in my view is detrimental to the viewer.

I hope that Kristina will scream “RED” if the Kink losers get too crazy…afterall, at this stage in the game, even Skin Diamond wants to turn the tables and become a domme rather than continue to be a beat down submissive…

Will these women survive the Porn Valley physical and psychological abuse much longer? Won’t SOMEONE emancipate these virtual slaves?



ANOTHER BEATING IGNORED: Pornstar, Stoya, Presents Her KINK Wounds Like a Badge – THAT is a Gang Initiation Process Used to Break Down New Members!! What’s It Gonna Take, Dead Girls??

I hope media and government leaders understand that the longer this goes on, the worse they will beat these girls. Girls who go into Porn Valley disappear ALL THE TIME. The industry says they went home but we don’t know. We had a roommate disappear and she never came back for her stuff. Her phone filled with voicemails and then went dead. She just signed a lease. She had no plans to leave and never contact us again. She left all her personal affects including her computer which I still have 🙂 That was 4th of July weekend of 2008. I’m Still Looking for Answers!!



Miley Cyrus

Taylor Momsen


Democrat, Bill Clinton parties with and helps pornstars increase their illegal escorting prices. Democrats and Penthouse Pimp making deals to take your children to HELL!!